The main goal of the project is to increase energy savings in public buildings for the creation of Intelligent Buildings Standards of Almost Zero Consumption in the eligible area. Innovative green solutions will be implemented, with the possibility of their adoption by other bodies of Greece-Cyprus and the EU.

Additional objectives of the project are summarized below:

  • Users are trained in the proper use of RES facilities.
  • The “Green Energy Upgrade” of public buildings is activated, which will lead to “Standard Green Intelligent Buildings of Almost Zero Consumption”, satisfying the objectives of the Program as a whole.
  • The use of RES and energy metering devices will create a background for drawing conclusions about the energy behavior of Almost Zero Consumption buildings, supporting the transition to a low carbon economy in all sectors.
  • In order to strengthen the previous goal, charging stations for electric vehicles will be studied and installed, while their supply will be taken care of, including the reduction of the environmental footprint in the transport sector in the project objectives.
  • With the installation of measuring equipment and the creation of an electronic application that will monitor the energy status of the building in real time and will train users in the proper use of new energy management technologies from RES, the goal of remote control of public buildings is achieved and includes the two school units in the Intelligent Buildings category. Thus the project achieves intelligent energy management.
  • Finally, an important goal of the project is to strengthen / promote an overall ecological character of public buildings, demonstrating their social role, according to the Program.